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  • [CGKM12] R. Calinescu, C. Ghezzi, M. Kwiatkowska and R. Mirandola. Self-adaptive Software Needs Quantitative Verification at Runtime. Communications of the ACM, 55(9), pages 69-77, ACM. September 2012. [pdf] [bib]
  • [KNP12b] M. Kwiatkowska, G. Norman and D. Parker. The PRISM Benchmark Suite. In Proc. 9th International Conference on Quantitative Evaluation of SysTems (QEST'12), pages 203-204, IEEE CS Press. September 2012. [pdf] [bib]
  • [FKP+12] V. Forejt, M. Kwiatkowska, D. Parker, H. Qu and M. Ujma. Incremental Runtime Verification of Probabilistic Systems. In S. Qadeer and S. Tasiran (editors), Proc. 3rd International Conference on Runtime Verification (RV'12), volume 7687 of LNCS, pages 314-319, Springer. September 2012. [pdf] [bib]
  • [CKW12] C. Chilton, M. Kwiatkowska and X. Wang. Revisiting Timed Specification Theories: A Linear-Time Perspective. In M. Jurdzinski and D. Nickovic (editors), Proc. 10th International Conference on Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed Systems (FORMATS'12), volume 7595 of LNCS, pages 75-90, Springer. September 2012. [pdf] [bib]
  • [KP12] M. Kwiatkowska and D. Parker. Advances in Probabilistic Model Checking. In Software Safety and Security - Tools for Analysis and Verification, volume 33 of NATO Science for Peace and Security Series - D: Information and Communication Security, pages 126-151, IOS Press. June 2012. [pdf] [bib]
  • [wang12] X. Wang. Maximal Confluent Processes. In S. Haddad and L. Pomello (editors), Proc. 33rd International Conference on Application and Theory of Petri Nets and Concurrency (Petri Nets'12), volume 7347 of LNCS, pages 188-207, Springer. June 2012. [pdf] [bib]
  • [CCJK12] T. Chen, C. Chilton, B. Jonsson, and M. Kwiatkowska. A Compositional Specification Theory for Component Behaviours. In H. Seidl (editor), Programming Languages and Systems, Proc. 21st European Symposium on Programming (ESOP'12), volume 7211 of LNCS, pages 148-168, Springer. March 2012. [pdf] [bib]