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[YSN+24] Rui Yan, Gabriel Santos, Gethin Norman, David Parker and Marta Kwiatkowska. HSVI-based Online Minimax Strategies for Partially Observable Stochastic Games with Neural Perception Mechanisms. In Proc. Learning for Dynamics and Control Conference (L4DC'24). 2024. [pdf] [bib] https://arxiv.org/abs/2404.10679
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Abstract. We consider a variant of continuous-state partially-observable stochastic games with neural perception mechanisms and an asymmetric information structure. One agent has partial information, with the observation function implemented as a neural network, while the other agent is assumed to have full knowledge of the state. We present, for the first time, an efficient online method to compute an ε-minimax strategy profile, which requires only one linear program to be solved for each agent at every stage, instead of a complex estimation of opponent counterfactual values. For the partially-informed agent, we propose a continual resolving approach which uses lower bounds, pre-computed offline with heuristic search value iteration (HSVI), instead of opponent counterfactual values. This inherits the soundness of continual resolving at the cost of pre-computing the bound. For the fully-informed agent, we propose an inferred-belief strategy, where the agent maintains an inferred belief about the belief of the partially-informed agent based on (offline) upper bounds from HSVI, guaranteeing ε-distance to the value of the game at the initial belief known to both agents.