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[YNN+11] E. Yuksel, H. R. Nielson, F. Nielson, M. Fruth and M. Kwiatkowska. Optimizing Key Updates in Sensor Networks. In Proc. IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium (SAS'11), pages 82-87. 2011. [bib] http://orbit.dtu.dk/fedora/objects/orbit:71339/datastreams/file_6252060/content
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Abstract. Sensor networks offer the advantages of simple and low-resource communication. Nevertheless, security is of particular importance in many cases such as when sensitive data is communicated or tamper-resistance is required. Updating the security keys is one of the key points in security, which restrict the amount of data that may be exposed when a key is compromised. In this paper, we propose novel key update methods, and benefiting from stochastic model checking we propose a novel method for determining optimal key update strategies for custom network scenarios. We also present a case study where an application in commercial building automation is considered.