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[KRR07] M. Kattenbelt, T. Ruys, A. Rensink. An Object-Oriented Framework for Explicit-State Model Checking. In P. Groot (editor), Proceedings of the 3rd European Symposium on Verification and Validation of Software Systems (VVSS`07), pages 84-92. 2007. [pdf] [bib]
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Abstract. This paper presents a conceptual architecture for an object-oriented framework to support the development of formal verification tools (i.e. model checkers). The objective of the architecture is to support the reuse of algorithms and to encourage a modular design of tools. The conceptual framework is accompanied by a C++ implementation which provides reusable algorithms for the simulation and verification of explicit-state models as well as a model representation for simple models based on guard-based process descriptions. The framework has been successfully used to develop a model checker for a subset of PROMELA.