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[CKL17] L. Cardelli, M. Kwiatkowska and L. Laurenti. Programming discrete distributions with chemical reaction networks. Natural Computing. To appear. 2017. [pdf] [bib]
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Abstract. We explore the range of probabilistic behaviours that can be engineered with Chemical Reaction Networks (CRNs). We give methods to "program" CRNs so that their steady state is chosen from some desired target distribution that has fi nite support in ℕm, with m ≥ 1. Moreover, any distribution with countable in finite support can be approximated with arbitrarily small error under the L1 norm. We also give optimized schemes for special distributions, including the uniform distribution. Finally, we formulate a calculus to compute on distributions that is complete for finite support distributions, and can be compiled to a restricted class of CRNs that at steady state realize those distributions.